Friday, May 4, 2012

Oh the Changes...

The change you ask? Why it's a new blog and website, a blogsite, if you will, for Simply Bliss Studios!

My old website ( is unfortunately no more, and so is this blog. HOWEVER, I so hope you will follow me over to our new location!!!

 It is a bit of a change as I have decided to combine our family blog on the new blogsite as well. It's different, but it's a good different and works the best for my busy life balancing work and mommyhood. 

See you over there! :-) (yes, there are THREE S's in there!)

Monday, March 26, 2012


Below are just some examples of the kind of Save the Dates I can design. You can feel free to choose from one of the styles below, or we can create something that is more you upon completion of your session. Save the Dates measure 4x5.5 and can display horizontally or vertically.

Upon completion of your session you can tell me your top favorite photos to display in your storyboard. Feel free to have each frame filled with a picture, or keep one of them open to display your names or favorite saying: "Ethan & Ella 11.17.12" or "Love was meant to be shared", etc. Storyboards can still be framed yet also work great as a stand alone piece. Storyboards are mounted on 2mm styrene board and can easily be hung on a wall without a frame by using some basic hardware found at your local craft store. Add on some ribbon to the top and you have a darling home display! Storyboard measures 12x12.
The Fine Print: All sales are subject to NY state sales tax. A non-refundable retainer of $150 (which goes toward your total payment of $445) will be required upon booking your session. The rest of your payment will be due on the day of your session. Session must take place before June 30th, 2012. Due to the nature of this special, all sales are final.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

He's the Reason

He's the reason why I have been distant from my blog and photography in general lately, he's the reason why people tell me I look tired, or that I could use a shower (you think I'm kidding, don't you?), he's the reason why still after 6 months my favorite pair of jeans still don't fit the same, and honestly...he's the reason why I am able to love my life more than I ever have.

He's my world, he's my miracle, he's my "Chan Man", and he made me become what is my favorite "role" in life: "mom".

* * * * * * * *

I am however, also a photographer--something else that I am beyond passionate about! Sadly, I have sucked really badly when it comes to juggling being a wife, mom, friend, and photographer. After 6 months I *think* I have finally tackled the wife, mom, and friend aspects of my life, however I am still working on the photographer aspect. Can you tell? Yes. I think my lack of posts, sessions, specials, and overall client interaction speaks for itself. And while I can honestly say I will always put my faith and family before my work, I am hoping to make some changes to the apparent non-existence of my photography (hah).

I have some very big plans coming up within the next year or so. You may start to see some changes happen very gradually over time. One thing I can say is that being a mom has honestly changed EVERY aspect of my life--and that includes photography. I feel as though I have been given a new set of eyes to see out of, and obviously, that will ultimately affect my photography style. Be prepared to see less editing and more realness--a more grown-up look, if you will : ).

I have no idea how many of you still follow this blog, but for those of you that do--thank you. I truly hope you can support me and encourage me as I learn to better balance all the "roles" my life entails and of course, I hope to still capture images that move you and make you happy.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Bruce Family {Boise, ID Family Photographer}

Waaayy back to Christmas 2011 I had the greatest time snapping some photos for my sister-in-law and her family. My husband and I were actually home visiting in the great state of IDAHO and were proud to finally introduce the rest of our family to our newest addition, Channing. Since Channing came with A LOT of things to bring on the airplane, I sadly had to leave my camera equipment back in my studio in New York. My sister-in-law also had a brand new addition to her family and really wanted some updated family pics. Luckily, she had a camera that I could barrow and we spent an afternoon having some family fun together : ). It was a pretty spur-of-the-moment shoot and I was working on a camera that I had not used before--but I think we still got some cute shots. Go and have a look : )...


I'm pretty sure this is the longest I have gone without posting! Life with my now six month old has kept me so incredibly busy--and I'm loving every minute of it : ). I promise I will be returning to blogging shortly! In the meantime, enjoy a taste of my sweet little man, Channing.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

"L" Family {Maternity Photographer, Buffalo, NY}

A month ago (yes a whole month--either I've been slacking or I must be busy taking care of an infant---truthfully, it's the last one ;-)) I had the privilege of a second photo session with the "L" family. I first took their engagement pictures 2 years ago and now...BUMP, they are having their first baby! It was a good thing we got this session done in time because I kid you not, 5 days later their precious baby boy came into this world. More on him later!

One gorgeous baby belly. I then love how these two always incorporate their sweet doggies into their photos. They truly are family!

Next up, pictures of their DARLING baby! Thank you again "L" family!!!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

L Family {Family Photographer, Buffalo, NY}

I couldn't have enjoyed my time more with the "L" family! We were blessed with a break of some great weather in an otherwise very rainy, windy, week. This family came with the cutest little chair prop for their daughter and it was a fun addition to her pics (as you can tell, she LOVES this chair!). Thank you "L" family, your session reinforced why I love photographing families so much; there is nothing more special. : ) Hope you like your sneak peek!